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Betting Sports bookie Age Limit To Be Registered On W88

It is against the law for people under 18 to gamble. W88 reserves the right to request proof of age from any customer and perform checks to verify the information provided. A client’s account may be suspended and funds withheld until proof of satisfactory age is provided. The legal gambling age varies from country to country, therefore we recommend doing local research before engaging in any form of gambling.

Featured products

Betting sports bookie has a wide variety of online entertainment products: Casino betting games include Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Sic Bo, Slot Machine, Poker, Keno. Sports betting games such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis.

Basis things to know before playing

The minimum bet per bet is 10 thousand. The maximum stake can be up to several tens of millions per match. The minimum amount of one deposit to a play account is 200,000 VND. You need to carefully read the terms and conditions of the promotion first to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings. The W88 bookie regularly creates new promotions. You can visit our promotions section to update new promotions.

Privacy and conditions for participation

The security system of the casino and w88 football betting is secure. Each individual can only own one account at this dealer. You need to be over 18 years of age to be eligible to register to play on this online entertainment site. You need to make a fund transfer from your primary account to your sports betting account to play sports betting games. Fund transfer on w88 is fast and simple. After winning a bet, to withdraw the money you need to transfer funds to your main account to withdraw. Full-time online support team ready to answer your questions 24/24. Beautiful interface, rich games, high odds, and attentive service of staff. That is why the number of people registered to play more and more. And there are lots of promotions for the play and winning.

Play to enjoy

Betting sports bookie achieve that goal, besides trying to provide customers with a wide range of products, customer care services, and support, along with the most advanced technologies, fast & safe and easy. In the payment of winnings, to ensure the best value for customers when participating in promotions. We also own a large server system with the fastest data transfer and processing speeds available today, with absolute confidentiality for our customers.

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