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Can Playing Video Games Be Your Full-Time Job?

Since the era of the brick game up to the current age of mortal combat and Apex legends, the video game industry has seen some notable changes. The graphics, in particular, has been the most important achievement. The imagery used back then has nothing on what we have today. The technology is beyond comprehension, and the availability on different platforms is also an improvement. For instance, you can play a game on a site like on your tablet, and the same game can be played on a phone and desktop. Additionally, you can play some on consoles and even smart TV.

The participating in video games is a lot of fun, which might make you want to do this as a full-time job. Well, there is good news because you can play video games and get paid. And below is how you can make a career out of playing video games.

Become a programmer

If playing video games is your cubbyhole of interest and you find computer programs interesting, then you can combine the two and become a game programmer. This career is a very lucrative one and has a unique job description. Most programmer jobs have no dress codes or set times that you have to be at the office. As a matter of fact, the deadlines are set months apart, and you deliver when you are done.

Become a pro game tester

Another job opportunity you can take into consideration if you have a passion for playing video games is becoming a professional game tester on a payroll. The qualifications you will have to meet is to have the experience, time, and the resources needed to test the games. Experience dictates your past involvement in playing video games; the time qualification means you need not be involved in any other job. And resources include computers and other devices that are needed for one to play the games. The qualifications will, however, depend on the type of game you are about to test.

Become an influencer

The third career path is to become an influencer. This job itself is quite similar to a tester, but the main difference is that to become an influencer, you must have a social media influence. That would mean that you either have a YouTube channel, an Integra, Facebook, or snap chat following that is accustomed to your posting regarding video games. That way, the video game company pays you to play the games while recording the session. And during this session, you narrate to your fans on the perks of the game while you do it. Seeing is believing, they say, and video game companies know so. Through such sessions, the video game companies filtrate the market even further and while at it secures you a job. So if you would like to be an influencer, start getting a following on social media, it will come in handy later on.


As you have seen. You can get a full-time job playing video games in this era. So if video games are your thing, think about getting a career in the industry and spend your life doing something you love.

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