Gliding Through the Exciting World of Online Casinos with Ease

The gambling industry has grown significantly due to technological advancement in recent years and online gambling is one main reason for its popularity. The smartphone penetration into the gambling industry has made it accessible by just a tap on the smartphone. Majority of the gambling games are pretty straight forward and simple.

Try your hand at gambling on one of the top online casino sites like Betufa. It is a leading online casino in Thailand. Their artfully designed games give you unique gaming experience. If you are a newbie in the world of online casinos and betting, the casino slang terms may make you feel lost.

Common gambling games:

  • Poker
  • Casino
  • Slot games
  • Casino style card games
  • Lottery tickets
  • Sports betting

Getting accustomed to the terminology would be beneficial. Some of the following terms are specifically used in only online casinos.

Ante (Poker term): A mandatory bet made by a player before receiving their cards. The bet is done to ensure there is money in every pot.

Baccart (Baccart term): It is a table game with multiple players. Betting is done on whether the dealer or player has a winning hand.

Bankroll (Casino term): The money set aside by a gambler for participating in gambling activities. Unlike casual gamblers who won’t require a dedicated bankroll, professional gamblers wager only with money.

Bet (Gambling term): One single instance of a wager made during a gambling game. Players can make more than one bet per game.

Bonus (Casino term): Special incentives new and existing players receive from online casinos for encouraging players to play often. Larger the deposit, larger the bonus received.

Burn card (Poker term): It is a single card that is discarded rather than being dealt. In case some other player/players see the top card by accident, it is discarded for integrity.

Chips (Casino term): These tokens represent money and are used to bet. Just like our regular currency, they come in different denominations.

Dealer (Casino term): The casino employee who controls the game flow and distributes cards.

Face card (Poker term): A playing card with any face – Jack, King, Queen

Fixed odds (Gambling term): The payouts and odds of winning are pre-determined. It is used mostly for ‘speciality’ games.

Hit (Blackjack term): Requesting an additional card.

Keno (Casino term): A lottery type of game where the player bets on numbers hoping to match the number drawn by the casino.

Push (Blackjack term): A tie situation happens and the player is returned their bet. No one is declared the winner or loser.

Roulette (Roulette term): It contains a wheel which comes with a ball and many pockets. Player make bets predicting which pocket the ball would fall into.

Slot machine (Casino term): This gambling machine has 3 or more reels and players have to match the symbols in the reels by spinning in order to win.

Whale (Poker term): A gambler who bets large amounts of money.

Now that you are aware of the common terminologies, slay your first online gambling game with confidence. Happy playing and happy winning!

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