Haunted House Daftar Slot Via Dana

S7 Slot is known to offer one of the best daftar slot via dana in the market. They have slot games from everyone and all in the genre. If if you are looking for a hunted and scary slot game, then it is the best platform for you. S7 Slot offers an eerie slot game to its users, Haunted House

What is the Haunted House Slot game?

It is a  daftar slot via dana game based on a horror theme. This slot game with 8 paylines also comes with a wide range of unique bonus features, double progressive jackpots, and free spins. Moreover, it is designed to be compatible with both smartphones and computers and also with major operating platforms including Windows, iOS, and Android.


The theme of the Haunted House game is based on every creepy thing that you may bump into a scary night. The theme of this daftar slot via dana game has a spooky background with a cemetery and haunted house. All the symbols of the game are based on classic horror themes including lighting, flickering light, and flying bat. The game is very interactive with great attention to every detail that the players would enjoy.


The Haunted House game comes with some interesting features such as

  • This daftar slot via dana has 8 paylines and hence it offers numerous ways to its players to win the prize money.
  • The top prize offered by the game is 1000x
  • The haunting daftar slot via dana offers a wide range of betting options from 40p to £20
  • When a player lands a winning combination, it triggers a free spin with a multiplier. If you land a subsequent winning combination, you received higher multipliers and more free spins.
  • A very popular feature of this daftar slot via dana is that when 3 spooky room icons appear on the reels, you are directed to a bonus game that will lead you on a haunted trip. You will go through the basement, dining room, and kitchen which is haunted by the spirit of a woman who used to live in the house. Each room will grant the player to win a reward of up to 4,000 coins and a progressive jackpot.
  • When 3 beware of dog icons appear on the reel of this daftar slot via dana game, it would trigger a free spin rood with an unusual twist. As the round will progress, the dog collects bones worth up to 1200 coins. When you collect bones row, you can earn up to 6,000 coins and a progressive prize.
  • In the haunted hallways features, you are required to chase a spirit around the house. As a player, you would receive key symbols that will help you unlock different rooms and find one in which the spirit is hiding.
  • The haunted house has two progressive slots with £500and £1000 jackpot seeds. With each bet, the jackpot would increase and you get a chance to the better prize.

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