Mistakes that many poker players make


There are many mistakes that people do make when they are playing poker games. Some of the mistakes are commonly made by beginners and some of them are being made by almost all the punters. If you wish to win at poker games, it is very important to avoid making mistakes as much as you can. There is no better teacher than experience. We can indeed all learn from our mistakes and make necessary corrections but you do not have to make mistakes for you to learn from them. If you can avoid then, the earlier the better. Here are some of the mistakes and how they can be avoided

Misusing starting hand chart

The first mistake to avoid when playing poker is misusing the starting handon If you are new to playing poker games, a start hand chart will always be a requirement. They are very important because they alleviate pressure from our minds by making our choices easy. Although the starting hand chart can be very helpful, many of us especially beginners have ended up misusing them. Many players end up using the starting hand in a very rigid manner instead of using it flexibly. Although the starting hand chart can be of great help, you should never at any point misuse it.

Treating every poker player the same

This is another very serious mistake that punters do make when they are playing poker games. One thing that you should know about poker is that every player is different and every player has unique playing strategies. You should never assume that the way you played with your previous opponent is the same way your next opponent will play. Treating all poker players the same can be a major leak and it can cost you a lot of money. It is very important to try and find out the type of player you are up against before playing.

Playing many tables

This is a very big mistake that poker players make these days. Although multi-tabling is a suitable way to make as much money as possible, playing too many tables can be the end of you. For you to win at poker games, you will need to have all of your concentration on the game that you are playing. When you have divided attention, that is when we start making mistakes. You need to start with one table, make profits consistently before you can graduate to playing many tables.

Playing when tilted

This is also another very big mistake that punters do make when they are playing poker games on If you are playing for fun, you can play however you feel like but when you are playing for money, you must consider playing when you have a sober mind. Everyone’s mind might be tilted in some way. It is important to understand or know your trigger and know what step to take towards being straight.

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