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The benefits of dedicated servers for gamers

Mobile, consumer and PC gamers who want to boost their gaming experience need look no further than a dedicated server that is reliable and stable. A dedicated server can be an enormous advantage when playing games with many other players from all over the world and while the majority of online games are reliant on a host that is simultaneously playing and hosting the game, this can result in performance issues such as slower loading times, interrupted games, lag, lost files and even crashes.

However, if you invest in a dedicated server, this will not happen.

What is a dedicated gaming server?

A dedicated gaming server is a term for a computer that hosts video games for clients, including the likes of online casinos such as the NJ Online Casino called Resorts Casino, which offers a multitude of games such as roulette, slots and poker.

Dedicated game servers provide more memory, storage and processing capabilities than is the case with other hosting solutions. The server will always have the resources for the game to play fluidly, no matter the nature of the game.

In addition to online casinos, dedicated gaming servers are useful for all popular games that can be played online and have high workloads such as the likes of Minecraft, Valheim, Ark, Ragnarok, Terraria and many more.

Dedicated servers are popular options for those who want a stable online environment to be created for their players, but also for individual gamers that want to create their own private playground online. Single and multiplayer games can both be run on a dedicated server.

Why is a dedicated server better for gamers?

All multiplayer online games will have clients and a host, with clients being those who are playing the game without any hosting responsibilities and the host being the server that is transmitting data to every player and ensuring the game is kept in sync.

In most online matches, the host will be either the player with the least latency or the one who started the game and will run the game’s local version via either console or computer, but that device is also responsible for ensuring the whole game remains in sync for all clients.

The host is responsible for the location of all players in the game, player interactions, the direction players are facing, the rules and scores, player activity, the loadout of every character, and the physics that happen around every player.

It is necessary for the host machine to have considerably more bandwidth, memory and processing power as more and more players log in and then start playing the game. A host player with a weak computer or a poor internet connection will result in the game suffering from bugs, crashes and lags.

With a dedicated server, the host is never a player, with all players instead connecting to a server that has much more computing power and a connection that is superior to that of any normal PC or console.

The benefits of dedicated servers for gamers are thus clear – a stable performance with very little or zero lag, customized hardware and gameplay, no corrupt save files, a reliable infrastructure, the ability to cope with high traffic and high levels of security.

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