How should you play Domino QQ?

Players who are looking for an alternative to the traditional Poker game with cards will find it interesting to play DominoQQ on a bandarqq website. DominoQQ will be slightly different from traditional comparison games with the gameplay and ranking method. In this article, let us discuss the gameplay of DominoQQ in brief.

DominoQQ, an overview of the gameplay

The dealer will give three dominoes to each player once they have placed their bets in the pot. A domino would look like a small tile with two numbers on its face. So, the players would get six digits in total. Once they see these dominoes, they would do any of the following in the clockwise direction one by one.

Bet – As they have bet in the beginning, the players can place an extra amount into the pot if their dominoes seem like a winning combination. If they win with a bet, they will get all the amount in the pot.

Call – When there is a bet in the current round from a player, and another player has a better combination of dominoes, he can choose to call. If he calls, he will place a bet amount equal to the bettor (matching the bet), and every active player would involve in a showdown to find out the winner.

Raise – It will be the same act as that of the call but with a difference of the game continuing after a raise with an increased bet amount. The player who is raising will place a simultaneous bet that is higher than the current bet.

Fold – Once a player has got the worst possible domino set, he would decide to quit the game to avoid huge losses. This process of exiting from the game is known as folding. The showdown will not include any of the folded players.

Checking – It is the act of being idle without an action.

Winner declaration – You would have guessed the method of winner announcement of a DominoQQ game. Since the dominoes contain two digits in each, as the face values in cards, these will contribute to the rank of the player. During the first round, the players should add up the six digits of their first set of dominoes. If the sum is 27, for instance, then the points for the player would be the unit digit 7. Likewise, the point can vary from 0 to 9, where 9 is the highest point. The player who gets nine points would be having a Qui. If there is only one person with a bet in the first round, he will win the game. Else, the game will move on to the next round. Now, each player will get another domino. Now, the same process of addition will take place. And if the player has a Qui during the first round, then the sum of the fourth domino would be his point for ranking. If it is also a nine, then he will be the winner with Qui Qui.

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