Where will online gambling be after five years? – Food for thought

If you look at reliable online news portals or even magazines or newspapers, you will find quite a few article about the future and road ahead as far as online gambling is concerned. The growth figures of online gambling are quite impressive and according to some reliable estimates, it could be worth a few billion dollars and going by the current trends, there is a good chance that the turnover could double over the next decade. However, there are challenges and pitfalls along the way. While it augurs good for some reliable and proven online gambling sites like SBOBET Indonesia and SBOBET Resmi, you also could see the closure of many online sites. This may happen because of increased competition and other such reasons. Hence, we thought it would not be a bad idea to have a look at the road ahead for online gambling companies.

The Numbers will rise significantly

With online gambling becoming quite popular, we can expect the number of online gamblers to increase quite significantly over the next few years. The numbers are likely to double in the next four to five years. We also need to bear in mind that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed lives for millions of people across the world. They are forced to spend a lot of time indoors and this could be a contributory factor for the increased demand for online gambling. Coupled with porn sites, it is believed that online gambling could also be the biggest drivers of traffic all over the world.

New Technologies will emerge

Technology is the main reason for the growing popularity and for the growth of online gambling. Hence, this trend is likely to continue. There are many reasons to believe that we will see more use of new technologies like AI or artificial intelligence. This will help in adding more games and variants of games in many thousands of sites. Hence, customers will have much bigger choices when compared to what they are enjoying today.

IoT or Internet of Things will also be a big technology that may help in changing the face of online mobile gaming over the next five to seven years. IoT will certainly bring in major changes as far as the look and feel of online gaming and gambling is concerned. One of the major complaints today is that online outlets do not offer that special feeling and environment that is available in land based outlets. It is believed that the emergence of IoT in online gambling will bring some major changes in it. However, it is quite obvious that land based gaming certainly has some special features and those cannot be replaced by online gambling even over the next fifty years.

Mobile Gaming Will see new growth trajectories

Smartphones are extremely convenient gadgets and there are many experts who believe that this technology will have a major impact when it comes to online gambling. As people move around from one place to another, they will make use of smart phones for various purposes including gambling and sports betting.

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